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We live in a world of constant change; humans are born, grow, age and die. In addition, technology is rapidly changing and redefining the way things are done. It warms the heart to know that in this world of constant change, the Word of God remains the same and stands sure through the ages. At floodlightdaily.com, we believe that the Word of God is a light that shines on our path daily.

FloodlightDaily serves as a vessel to bring to my readers the eternal truths of God’s Word.  You are always welcome here. You can find general articles on living the Christian life (Faith on the Go); articles on family and relationships (Heart of the Matter), articles that would get you started on the Christian faith (Surrendered),  articles that apply the truths of God’s Word to contemporary social issues (Looking glass), biographies, autobiographies and personality profile, fiction (Creative corner) and articles from readers like you (Your turn).

Drop by as often as you can for inspiring articles and stories that would challenge your faith and uplift your spirit. So, sit back, relax, and read on.

To help spread the Gospel through insightful stories from everyday life.