Money, Fame and Love VI

Money, Fame and Love VI

The story so far: Yaw Mensah is a wealthy and shrewd businessman who has done more than a few crazy things in the past. He is also a member of the People’s Democratic Alliance. His darling daughter Angie, falls in love with a young lawyer, Derek Orleans. Let’s read on to find out how the story unfolds.

It was a Friday morning and typical of all Friday mornings in Yaw’s office, his secretary was arranging the files in the cabinet. Today as she took out a file in the topmost drawer, one she hadn’t opened in a while, a loose sheet fell out of it. She stooped to pick it up. The message read:

Dear Mr. Kumi,

Thank you for executing successfully the death of Judge Orleans. With him out of the way, I am sure the charges of tax evasion leveled against me in the law Court would come to naught. The money due you would be sent by bankers’ draft. I hope you keep in touch in case your help is needed in the future.

Yours faithfully,

Yaw Mensah

Abena read and reread the letter her hands shaking. She could feel her face getting warmer. ‘This is unbelievable…’ she whispered to herself. She folded the letter neatly into her purse and left the office.

x x x x x x

It was election time and every polling station was busy. It was obvious that the people of Ghana were serious about who won the elections; who ruled the country. Clearly the People’s Democratic Alliance had failed. Inflation had shot up tremendously and the number of children on the streets was escalating. Now the thumb had another chance to decide who sat on the throne.

At 5 pm, Yaw was sitting in his living room listening to the radio. The voting was over and at most polling stations the ballots were being counted. As the hours wore on, the officers of the Electoral Commission began to declare the winners in the various constituencies. As he listened to the news, his face took on a grim expression. After half of the vote cast had been declared, he could feel his hopes being dashed. The Convention For progress and Stability (CPS) was in the lead by a wide margin. He hoped the other half of the votes would equal things out so that there could be a runoff. Unfortunately, as the winners were declared in the other constituencies, his flicker of hope died. It was apparent that after ten years in power, the People’s Democratic Alliance was finally getting the sack. In the end, the CPS won a landslide victory, unparalleled in the nation’s history.  

Yaw bowed his head in deep thought wondering if his business would survive a change in government since it relied heavily on government contracts. What about the heinous crimes he had committed in the past years, will they also be unearthed? His train of thoughts seemed to go in circles and provided no answers. Finally, pagan though he was, he decided to leave everything in God’s hands. He made a mental note to pray that evening before he turned into bed.

X. X. X. X

It’s been two months since the new party assumed office and already rumours were being peddled that Yaw’s business was fraught with bribery and corruption. His beachfront house which he owned at Prampram had been confiscated to the state because he didn’t have the right documents to prove his ownership. He was becoming uneasy by the minute and didn’t know what to expect next.

What do you think would happen to Yaw? Has his good luck finally ran out? Make a date with the creative corner next week Saturday to find out what happens next.

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